About Merus Rings

Merus Ring Product Introduction


Introduction of Merus rings

Merus rings are non-intrusive, non-chemical and zero maintenance water treatment products that leverage molecular oscillation technology for the prevention and reduction of limescale, corrosion and biofouling in water systems. Merus rings are developed in Germany and been in the market since 1996 with thousands of references globally. This environmentally friendly technology was introduced to the Canadian market in early 2019 and is proven to work in many applications across the country. Merus rings have the potential to bring significant savings in water consumption, chemical consumption and energy consumption in residential and industrial applications.  

Merus ring does not change the chemistry of the water, however, it changes the physical behavior of the dissolved ingredients of the water. Such a change in physical behaviour of dissolved ingredients, increases the water solubility and reduces the surface tension of the water. By combining these two phenomena, water does not leave a hard crust on surfaces and further build up inside the water bearing systems is prevented. In many applications where water is always in contact with the media (pipes, pumps, water tanks and water heaters) the Merus rings eliminate the existing buildup over time.   


How it works

Merus rings are manufactured and charged through a proprietary technology in Germany using active molecular oscillations to tackle certain water issues. These oscillations will reduce scaling, corrosion and biofouling issues. The water molecules will absorb the active oscillations emitted by the ring and spread them in the direction of the flow. The active oscillations spread throughout the entire water system much faster than the actual water flows. The active oscillations will also spread in dead legs in the system which are rarely used. The emitted active oscillations from the ring will interfere with the natural oscillations and alter the characteristics of the dissolved ingredients in the water.


Molecular Oscillations Principle:

Each molecule has its own unique natural molecular oscillation (vibration).  Merus has the proprietary equipment to study, record and store these oscillations and develop new oscillations that is called active oscillations. The active oscillations are recorded on the rings (like recording on a DVD or CD) and the aim is to influence the original oscillation of the dissolved ingredients in the water through adding a new active oscillation, in such a way that the physical properties of the dissolved ingredients are ultimately modified in the water.

The Merus rings are manufactures from a special aluminium alloy (AlMgSi) as the media for the active oscillations. This unique alloy can store an unlimited number of active oscillations and emit these in the water in a constant and stable form, independent of the ambient temperature. The active oscillations are modulated according to the lattice oscillation of aluminium molecules, the oscillation (vibration) of aluminium molecules will result in simultaneous emission of active oscillation from the ring. That’s how the oscillations are transferred to the water through any piping material without any power source.

As the water molecules are bipolar (slight negative charges around Oxygen and positive charges around Hydrogen); water absorbs and spread the active oscillations throughout the entire system. The interference and overlapping of the active and natural oscillations will result in changes in physical behaviour of the limescale and rust molecules in the water. Therefore, there will be a significant reduction in limescale, corrosion and biofouling in the system.


Product Life and warranty

The performance of the Merus rings are guaranteed for 5 years and they should last more than 5 years, however, we recommend the rings to be recharged after 5 years as the charges may start to degrade over time.


Merus ring Applications and Benefits

Merus rings can be used on a variety of applications where there is corrosion, limescale and biofouling issues. In a residential application (municipal water or well water) Merus rings can be used as an alternative to a water softener with the following benefits:

  • Uses no salt
  • Requires no power
  • Maintenance-free
  • No service hand is required for installation
  • Does not take any space in the house
  • Not limited to water hardness
  • No water testing is needed
  • Zero water waste (no backwash)
  • Does not remove the healthy minerals (Ca, Mg)


Benefits of Merus rings


Cost Benefits

Merus rings will bring various cost savings to every household as follows: 

Chemical consumption will be reduced as less buildup would occur and less cleaning is needed. As new build up would be softer and easier to clean, no expensive and harsh chemicals would be needed, or the quantity would be reduced. In comparison to a water softener, no money will be spent on purchasing salt.

Energy consumption will be reduced in water heaters/boilers as the equipment will run with minimum or no limescale. (Every 1mm of limescale would increase the energy consumption by 11%.)

Water consumption will be reduced as less cleaning is needed, in comparison to a water softener no regeneration is needed, and no water will be wasted. This is a huge concern for water wells that has production issues.

Maintenance cost would also reduce as there will be no clogged pipe, showerhead, or scaled up water heater to deal with. Merus rings also increase the service life of the appliances in a household. The Merus rings will also reduce the corrosion in the water system and increase the equipment longevity.  

Time Benefits

The people who live in hard water areas and deal with limescale buildup in showers, hot tubs, faucets, dishwashers and toilets are forced to spend abundant time to look after the cosmetics of their household equipment and appliances. This precious time could be spent on something more productive and with family and friends. By reducing the limescale buildup and also changing the consistency of the buildup (softer buildup on surfaces), customer would spend less time in cleaning of the appliances. 


Environmental Benefits

By installing a Merus ring and using less energy for heating (lower carbon footprint), less water for cleaning and no backwashing, also using no salt, we contribute to a cleaner environment that we live in.


Health Benefits

Merus ring will keep healthy minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) in the water and does not remove them from the water, where a water softener will replace these minerals with Sodium that is not healthy for the people and causes hypertension and high blood pressure in a long run.  With the Merus ring the need for using high volume of harsh chemicals are significantly reduced and any health and safety risks associated with that is reduced as well.


Merus rings types and functions

We do offer rings for residential and industrial applications; rings are available in 5 different categories:

Standard, Industrial, Bio Industrial, High Capacity Industrial (HCI) and Bio High Capacity Industrial (Bio HCI) rings.

The standard, Industrial and High Capacity Industrial (HCI) rings are programmed to reduce limescale and corrosion; however, they have different treatment capacity.

The Bio Industrial and Bio High Capacity Industrial (Bio HCI) rings are programmed to reduce limescale, corrosion and biofouling (Algae and Biofilm); however, they have different treatment capacity.

Merus ring Specification sheet

½” Merus ring Datasheet

¾” Merus ring Datasheet

1” Merus ring Datasheet

1 ¼” Merus ring Datasheet

1 ½” Merus ring Datasheet

2” Merus ring Datasheet

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