Merus Ring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How to assure the ring is working?

The best and easiest way to see the effect of the ring in a residential application is to document the changes in the amount of limescale and corrosion inside the equipment and appliances. For example, taking a picture from the shower head before installing the ring and 3 months after, or cleaning the toilet tank from the build up and monitor the changes in 3 months. Conducting water analysis in certain industrial applications is another way to confirm if the ring is working.


Does the Merus ring removes the limescale buildup?

The short answer is yes, however the speed of removal depends on the water consumption, water hardness and continuous contact of water with the buildup. The removal occurs very slowly and sometimes requires a few months to notice a significant difference.


How fast the effect o the ring can be seen?

The ring starts to work as soon as installed on the pipe, depending on the situation, customer may notice the changes within the first 3 months.  


How the Merus ring is installed?

In private homes or for small installations no expertise is needed. That's why we send you the ring and you can install it on your own. All you need is an Allan Hex Key and some insulating tape. You will get an installation instruction with your Merus Ring or can download it here as a PDF file. For bigger installations where the place of installation must be chosen carefully, we provide support by our technicians or partners worldwide.


Are there any side effects (e.g. on our health)?

No negative side effects are not known to date. Quite the contrary; avoiding biofouling and corrosion in the water could have a positive effect on your general health. If you have highly rusted pipes in your house, upon installation of the ring, the iron content may slightly increase, and the color of the water may slightly change. Therefore, we recommend our customers let the water run for a few seconds prior to drinking or cooking. It’s also a good practice to remove the aerators on the faucets. Moreover, the Merus ring will keep the healthy Calcium and Magnesium minerals in the water.


Does the Merus Ring filter substances out of the water?

No. Merus ring does not remove anything from the water. It can slowly dissolve the existing deposits and flushed them out of the system. That’s why Merus ring is not a substitute for the existing filter system.


Can Merus ring replace a water softener?

Yes. But it must be understood that Merus ring does not make the water softer which is confirmed by measuring the Calcium and Magnesium ions in the water. However, it prevents and removes the scale in the plumbing, fixtures and appliances through increase in solubility of Calcium and Magnesium salts. Therefore, it will have the same effect as a water softener. By reducing the surface tension of the water, soap and shampoo lather more effectively. In addition, Merus ring will keep the healthy Calcium and Magnesium minerals in the water.


What is the maximum flow rate that can be treated with the Merus ring?

We offer various types of Merus rings for different flow rates. For private homes the Standard Merus ring can treat the total consumption. For industrial application we have industrial and high capacity industrial rings that have been successfully tested with flow rates of more than 10,000m³ per hour.


At which temperature does the Merus Ring work?

The Merus ring can be installed on the pipe with water temperatures up to 90°C (194°F) where the water is still in liquid state. We have achieved good results at temperatures over 300°C (570°F) under special operating conditions.


Do I need an extra Merus ring for the hot water cycle?

For smaller applications one Merus ring on the cold-water cycle is sufficient. For bigger applications with circulating water it can be useful to install a second ring in the cycle. We will give our advice for your installation considering all information about your system.


To what distance does the effect of Merus ring last in the pipe system?

The effect of the ring can last up to a few kilometers under optimal circumstances. The longest tested distance has been 30 km (Offshore pipeline). For industrial applications with electrical machines surrounding the ring the coverage range is shorter.


What are the limitations of the Merus rings?

Like any other technologies in the market, Merus ring has its own limitations. Being in the vicinity of strong electrical field, magnetic field or electromagnetic fields will discharge the ring prematurely. Therefore, the installation point of the ring must be distanced 0.5m (20”) from any electrical installations.


Is the effect of the Merus Ring consumed and decreases over the time?

No, usually the effect of Merus ring is constant - it doesn't discharge. As long as the dissolved particles in the water are in movement, they maintain the oscillation. To understand how the Merus Ring works it should be compared with a CD rather than a battery. You can listen to the music as often as you want to - it will not get "empty" or "used up". Nevertheless, for different reasons (scratches on the ring or electric/magnetic field interference) the effect can diminish over the time.  


Is there any guarantee that Merus rings work?

The Merus rings are offered with 5 years performance warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee. Within 90 days if the ring does not make any improvement, the purchase price will be refunded. Within 5 years, if the ring stopped working, the ring will be recharge/replaced at our own cost