Merus Ring Canada Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


 Our valued customer from South of Okotoks, AB

“OMG It really works!!

After over 40 years of sodium deposits on every thing it's gone!!

I just hosed down my lawn tractor and there are no white water spots!!”


Our valued customer from Blackfoot, AB

The Merus ring and the “science” behind it, is something that does not sit well with me, I am a very fact-based person and I don’t believe something if I have not seen it for myself or any reasonable explanation behind its claims. Having said that, I’ve noticed the buildup receding in the clear PEX tubing. This is located just after my pressure accumulator tank. Also, it took very little effort cleaning the tub itself from the rust build up. minimal force and a very mild cleaning solution ( Mr. clean general purpose and water, no soak time on a rag ). Not only myself have noticed the difference in our water system. My wife had noticed a change in the water quality to “less smelly”. I have noticed that the water lathers easily and soap lasts longer and as for the smell it is almost all gone.

Below is the list of observed changes to the water quality:

  • Smell is all but gone or minimized
  • Easier to clean tub, sink and jets. Less buildup
  • Soap lathers better and lasts longer
  • One of the main water lines appears cleaner with receding build up line”



Our valued customer from Tillsonburg, ON

Our employees were not made aware of the MERUS ring installation in our facility. Within the first week, several employees noticed a difference in the taste of the water and the feel of the water when washing their hands. Our operators have reported that the machines are easier to clean. However, due to the size of the tanks, and the amount of build-up to date, it will still take a long time for the Merus ring to take full effect. At this point we are very happy for results, but It will take long time to see complete result.


Our valued customer from Lloydminster, AB

We live in Lloydminster, AB where our water is slightly on the hard side. Over the years, we’ve noticed scale build up on all faucets and kitchen appliances. Never having any water softening system before, we installed the ring when we heard some reviews about how it had reduced hardness in other households in the area. Personally I have noticed increased suds when adding soap but my husband does not feel the water feels any different to him. I’ve noticed when I water plants outside I do not get that hard water marks on the pots or deck like I have in the past. There is not as much of a build up around my faucets and. We have not noticed any change in the taste of the water and we never had any smell in our water. A bonus was how easy it was to install the ring and does not require any add’l space in our utility room.


Our valued customer from Lashburn, SK

The one we install at C&L I have not noticed a lot of difference but the Taps and sink seemed easier to clean but we had all new fixtures before we put it in so time will tell the one we put in at my house 3 days ago my wife says the water feels different more silky on your hands and it seems to make a lot more Suds with soap so we will see there is obviously something going on there.


Our valued customer from Lashburn, SK

It’s cleaned out all of the water lines and boilers of scale. Cleaning scale away from the sinks and toilets. All the fixtures are clean and not collecting residue and calcium build and up not turning green. When washing our units we no longer need to wipe the windows after they come out clean and trucks are shinier now as well. It’s been a big improvement for our facility and notice changes after about a month after installation.”


Our valued customer from Lloydminster, AB

We have noticed a fairly big difference, the water doesn’t leave as much deposit as before and is quite a bit softer!! Please with the performance of the ring!!”


Our valued customer from Lashburn, SK

Before the Merus Ring we had a lot of hard water stains on the shower doors, sinks and toilets. Even when watering the grass, the grass would have white stains.

Our dishwasher is stainless steel with stainless steel inside tub. After a few weeks of installation, it looks as new as the day we bought it. There is not one sign of scale or stains. Our glasses and dishware are coming out spotless as well.

My younger daughter says that her skin and hair has never felt so clean. My oldest daughter comes from Lloydminster just to wash her hair saying it gets it so clean.

All in all, it has been an awesome investment and would recommend it to anyone.”


Our valued customer from Lethbridge

“We installed the Merus bio ring in September 2019 on a dairy farm in southern Alberta. We were amazed at how the calcium deposits disappeared in our dishwasher. Also, the water troughs for our cows cleared right up and even the algae disappeared.”